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How to Record BigBlueButton Meeting on Windows/Mac with AnyRec

How to Record BigBlueButton Meeting on Windows/Mac
BigBlueButton recording meeting is a great way for later playback of discussions, lectures and other important meetings. Whether you have meetings at schools or small businesses, you can use the following methods to easily record on BigBlueButton. Even if you are a participant, here is the best alternative way to record BigBlueButton instead of the default function. Keep reading to know about the detailed steps.

Part 1: How to record BigBlueButton as a student/host without limitation

There are fewer features when you are not hosting in BigBlueButton, especially when it comes to recording on BligBlueButton. When you are a student or need more time to record the discussions, AnyRec Screen Recorder is the best option to record BigBlueButton sessions. It gives you the best video and audio quality and an advanced way to customize the output settings. The software has a simple interface suitable for beginners to navigate the tool while having a meeting – Record unlimited time with AnyRec Screen Recorder on Windows and Mac.

How to record BigBlueButton with AnyRec Screen Recorder:

Step 1
Download the software from the official website. Install the tool on your device and run it to start recording BigBlueButton meetings. Click Video Recorder from the main menu to set the intended recording.

Step 2
Select the desired screen to record. You can choose the full screen option or custom to choose a running window on the screen. Make sure System Sound and Microphone are enabled to capture the sound on the computer. You can do a sound check in Preferences.

Step 3
After setting everything, click REC to start recording BigBlueButton sessions. You can see a widget menu on the screen that provides pause, stop, minimize and other buttons relevant to the recording. You can also take a screenshot by clicking Camera.

Step 4
When you’re done recording the BigBlueButton meeting, you can trim the video before saving it. Next, select the specified folder path for the recorded conference. Finally, click the Save button to save the video file to your computer.


Part 2: The default way to record BigBlueButton on Windows/Mac as a moderator

Becoming a moderator in BigBlueButton means an obligation to distribute recorded meetings when your colleagues request one. Thankfully, BigBlueButton has a default recorder that helps you instantly record BigBlueButton meetings and easily share them. Continue reading and check the steps below.

To record BigBlueButton in the standard method:

Step 1
Open the BigBlueButton software on your device. Start a meeting to activate all features. You will click the Start Filming button at the top of the interface.

Step 2
The popup window asks you to start recording the session; Click Yes to confirm. Click the Red button at the top of the screen to start recording on BigBlueButton. You will also see a message that the session is already being recorded.

Step 3
To stop or pause the recording, click the Red button at the top. You will get another pop-up asking you to pause the recording session; Click the Yes button. It will notify you that the session is no longer being recorded. You can resume it by clicking the button at the top again.

Tip: For your students or colleagues to see the recorded BigBlueButton meeting, click the Eye button in the folder to publish the recorded clip.


Part 3: How to Record BigBlueButton Meetings Online on Windows and Mac

The best thing about using BigBlueButton for meetings is that you can also access it online. This means that if you don’t want to download the software, you can still access its free service by going to your browser. This way you can still record on BigBlueButton using AnyRec free screen recorder. This free online service will record all BigBlueButton meetings in high quality.

◆ Record online meetings with the custom settings and desired formats.
◆ Take screenshots at any time while recording BigBlueButton meetings.

◆ Adjust the recording area freely to record desired parts.
◆ Can record the webcam, system audio and microphone simultaneously.

How to use AnyRec Free Screen Recorder for recording BigBlueButton session:

Step 1

Go to your browser and start the BigBlueButton online meeting. Open a new tab and search for AnyRec Free Screen Recorder. Click the Record Free button. You will be prompted to download and install the launcher.

Step 2
After installing it, click the button again, and you will see the screen grid and widget menu. Set the recording area and open Speakers and microphone.

Step 3
Click REC to start recording the session. When the recording is rolling, click the Edit button at the bottom of the widget menu. You can use drawing effects, elements and more. After recording, click the Stop button. The recorded BigBlueButton meeting is automatically saved in the folder.

Part 4: BigBlueButton Recording FAQ

Can students enable the recording function in BigBlueButton?
Unfortunately, students must request permission from the moderator to record the BigBlueButton meeting. The moderator will also start or stop the recording in the live sessions. Thus, you can trust some meeting recording apps.


Is BigBlueButton free to record the meeting?

Yes, BigBlueButton is free to use, including the recording function. You can download and install it on your device for free. The surprising part of this free service is that it also allows you to share video, audio, images, chat and screen.


Can I watch the BigBlueButton recording session directly?

Unfortunately, you cannot directly view the recorded meeting with BigBlueButton. This is because it will start processing the recorded meeting once the session is finished. Then the processing time is the same as the recorded session, so it may take longer than expected.



Now that you know how to record BigBlueButton meetings, you can listen to the session while reserving another copy for later playback. But since not everyone can be a moderator in BigBlueButton, the only suggestion that works is to use AnyRec Screen Recorder. The software is a safe tool for all recording problems. Apart from its powerful features, it offers a free trial version that you can use today. Download it and experience a whole new way of recording.